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How To Build A Chopper

Testimonials From Bikers Who Have Watched Our 6 Instructional Videos !

This is serious, technical know-how that would take you years to learn on the street, or endless trial and error.

Warren Fuller – Littleton, Colorado

Bro, It would have been nearly impossible for me to learn how to build my chopper without these videos. Your videos do everything the Bike Builder’s Toolbox claimed to do but didn’t. Thanks a bunch Chuck,

Ian – San Francisco

Hey Chuck,
I had ordered your competitors bike building videos before I found yours on the internet. they skipped a lot of procedures like you said on your web-site. your claim is you guys show everything in detail! that's what I was looking for! ..... I'll be starting to build my CC Hardcore 2 chopper in about 3 weeks from now. Thanks,

Dan - Hawaii

just a quick not to let ya know that I just finished watching your videos .  I had bought the "toolbox" series before yours but I took advantage of their money back offer, they “.......”   Not only did I not learn anything, I felt like I was watching an infomercial for Pro-one!

Yours were much better as far as info and seeing what is being done to the bike. ..... I've been riding and wrenching for a while but I always thought that building one from scratch was a bit over my head and I had pretty much convinced myself to buy a kit. Not anymore, the more I research this thing, the more I KNOW I can build one from scratch.
Glenn – Homestead, Florida



I just want to let you know that you told me that your videos are very detailed, they show every part of the chopper build, with up close video shots, and that’s no bull...., they are all of that and more, they do help and I think you did a great job!
Thanks Again,

Kevin - Omaha, Nebraska



The DVD's were great, very educational and well worth the investment.   I owe you a compliment, I can't tell you how much I learned from your instructions Thanks again for your help, looking forward to your next round of videos.

Mike – Stillwater, Oklahoma



I am really impressed with your videos.  I have a Custom
Chrome Hardcore 2 kit on its way to me right now and I can't wait to get started .  As an Air Force pilot, I have a great appreciation for attention to detail, and can appreciate the effort you put into making your videos. Thanks for a great product.

Frank – Columbus, Mississippi



Your videos are definitely the best. Just finished watching your videos for the fifth time. I would have been lost without them. You really cover the details.I wanted to know if you could tell me where I can buy a bike lift like the one you showed on video #1?   Thank You,

Howard - New Haven, KY


Good job on the DVDs for custom bike building!  You guys did a great job, and  these are going to save me many hours of trouble as I proceed with my custom project. 

Bruce – Fort Worth, Texas


I just finished watching your videos for the second time. I have no doubt that I can now start my kit bike and finish it in less than a month - you left no stone unturned.

How much was this video worth to me? Well, considering the fact that Big Bear Choppers wanted $7,000 to assemble the kit for me, it's pretty easy to do the math.

I was hesitant about trying your videos after not getting the information I needed from "The Master Bike Builders Toolbox" videos.  I'm glad I gave you a look! I can't think of a single thing you did not cover in great detail. I will not hesitate to buy ANY videos you put out in the future, as you've proved yourself to be a man of your word and an excellent instructor. 

Mark - Washington



I am building a bike from scratch and your DVD course completely eased my mind about doing it myself. Your down to earth style, clear instructions and genuinely helpful attitude throughout make the entire experience of learning enjoyable.

The information is exactly as your website advertises - plainly described and totally complete; from the very beginning where you list the tools I need, to the thorough and detailed instructions.  Another excellent thing you do that others do not, is explaining the reasons for assembling components in a certain way. This makes the learning more complete....and has boosted my confidence immensely. These videos are well worth the money.

Jeff - California



I recently bought your bike assembly videos. Thanks for sharing the knowledge and expertise. I can't begin to tell you how many times I've been in bike shops asking questions on how to start my build. No one wanted to help. It's like a big secret. A couple of shops were actually asking for money in advance before they gave me some information! After watching your videos, all the questions I had in my mind were answered. Watching your procedures gave me the confidence that I can do this. Thanks again.

Noel - Long Island



Hey, just wanted to write and let you know how good the videos were. I was a little skeptic at first, but these are absolutely the most detailed videos I have seen so far...everything you promised on the website and more. I would have easily been completely lost without them.

Bryan - San Francisco


I ordered some other videos before getting yours, but they had no where near the careful detail and solid mechanics tips that are included in your chopper assembly set. I really like your candidness about deciding what one wants in a real chopper today and what things to consider before dropping big bucks on fashionable parts. You saved my ass a bunch of money and it will get me on the road a lot sooner. Thanks pal.

Scott - Texas


I received your DVD set from my ol' lady for Christmas. All in all, I was impressed with your DVD series. It was easy to follow, and full of tips and tricks that only an experienced mechanic would know. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

John - Wisconson


Your instructional videos is one of the best I've seen. I got my parts in and even though I watched all the tapes from you, I still had to go back and review sections. When you look at a bunch of boxes full of parts, it can be pretty overwhelming, but your videos helped tremendously. Thanks.

Mike - Milwaukee



The videos were fantastic. The level of detail is amazing. I have been riding bikes my whole adult life but building is new to me. There is no way I would even attempt such an endeavour without these videos. The videos gave me the confidence to get started.




I received my dvd's and have viewed them all.  These will prove to be invaluable when assembling my bike!   Great job! Let me know when the belt drive series is available.

Dan - Bloomington, Illinois



Thanks my friend. got the DVD’s yesterday.  so I had a bit of a sit down last night and reviewed your show.  ya done good. very informative with great detail. my mom could follow your leads with all the direction you offer.  I’m sure to use your guidance in many of my own applications. hell, I'll change the way I do things.  what I liked was your common sense way of doing it and appreciate the little comments. ( torques, bolt sizes, thread counts, etc )  thanks again.  the smoke out looks like something I should schedule for. be a good ride from Seattle.

Don - Seattle


I just wanted to say thanks for letting me swing by to pickup those DVD's the other day instead of shipping them out. I had a chance to go thru all the DVD's and I've learned a ton of info already. I was planning on taking that chopper class in Indy. The name of the school is Ivy Tech State college - but I'm booting that to the curb. Thanks. You just saved me $700 bucks in tuition not to mention traveling and lodging expenses. I have to state your advertisement on the web was dead on track with the DVD's being "very detailed".

Lee – Columbus, Ohio

Hi Chuck,
I Just completed viewing the DVD's you sent me. I found them very informative. At this point I'm still waiting shipment of my Venom Kit. I think it was great that I was able to view your video before getting the bike. Like most guys I only read the first page of any manual and think I can do the rest on my own, viewing the video ahead of building the bike without the parts in front of me was a blessing. The Chopper Shop that sold me the Kit said it's not a big deal to put one together, they sold me a $55.00 Manual (Clymer Harley- Davidson) and said everything I need to know would be in there... After watching your videos they were F (reaking) OUT TO LUNCH! Hats off to you for creating this series. This is coming from a guy that hasn't even spun a wrench on his bike!
Thank you

Wayne – Toronto, Canada


Normally I never call or email anyone no matter how good or bad I think their product is.  But this is truly an exception.  I felt I was taking a chance when I ordered your videos, as I have had a few bad experiences with books.  I have to tell you that your video was exactly what I needed, and was extremely informative.  I wasn't sure if I was going to build my own bike, or not.  After watching your videos, I feel it is something I can definitely handle!  So thanks for making these videos, they're great, and thank you for giving me the knowledge to build my own chopper!!!  I will definitely let everyone know that you taught me how, in an extremely detailed, educated way, that was fun and exciting.  You took the mystique out of building a bike.
Thanks again,

Sam – Erie, Pennsylvania

HEY CHUCK.......!
Got your videos tuesday...and I must say you did a very good job on them. I also want to say thanks , because I was a little troubled by this project wondering if I could do this but after looking at your videos i'm confident i this. your videos are worth their weight in gold.
Again good job.......!  THANKS.

William – Moreno Valley, California



I got the DVD's today and sat and watched them. I have assembled 2 bikes before and I wish I would have had your videos for them. These videos are great. They cover all the bases and then some. I like the assembly order you have and the torque specs that the average person just can't find. All in all I am very pleased with the videos and feel I got my money's worth. Thanks again.




I'm building a bike after not riding for a while. I bought your set of videos and I can't tell you how much time you have already saved me in putting this bike together - and I'm building it from scratch. I've restored "Pantera" cars before, and this is my first scoot.



Just wanted to thank you for getting out my how to build a chopper DVD's so quickly. After watching them all, I have gained a new confidence in my ability to finish my bike. Although I have owned a few Harleys in the past, I have never taken on such an extensive project as building a bike from scratch.

I am so glad I purchased these DVD's because I was close to selling everything I had already purchased for the build!

Nick - Whittier, CA



Without a doubt, your videos are hands down the best. I wish I had read the testimonies before I bought your competitors series.....they were pretty bad. I needed the detailed explanations you guys show - and show up close. I know I can now build my bike without screwing up. Your course is worth it's weight in, gold!!!



My marine infantry son just returned from a very difficult year in Iraq. And while I've got him here with me we're building a chopper together which will give us some good father-son bonding time before he ships out again. I can't think of a better thing for us - two Harley fanatics - to do together. Without your detailed DVD's and down home, plain-talking Southern instructions, we would have never contemplated such a project.




I've been watching your videos. They are everything you said they were. I like the no-nonsense instructional style. They are exactly what I was looking for.



I have just completed viewing the chopper building videos and was really impressed with the wealth of information. The videos havce been a savior and saved me from screwing up a bunch of parts. Thanks for your help.




My wife just last week got me the chopper assembly videos I received them on Sat. and finished watching them today. They are great videos I've never built a bike before but I feel confident that after watching these videos a couple of times that I’ll be able to tackle the job.

They are very interesting videos and the chopper fest video was awesome. also you mentioned that you are working on a video involving the installation of an open primary drive, I was wondering if you could give me any idea of when that video may be available.  thank you.

Jeremy - Millbrook, Alabama


I received my DVD’s yesterday and I was able to watch the first volume. From the very beginning of the Tools section, I was able to learn immediately.  This is like a breath of fresh air.  If that's the indication of how the entire program is done, then I know I've come to the right decision of buying your DVDs. I'm looking forward to getting through all of the volumes and since I'm about to start my chopper project, I'll let you know how it turns out. I'm feeling confident already.  Thanks!
Randy - New York                        


Good Morning Chuck, you were right so far, I attended a motorcycle repair school but your videos have shown me things they didn't touch on in school, your videos are a true learning experience , I have a question, what make of softail frame is that your using in your video, and I thought I heard you mention a powder coating company named sumac, can I get their e-mail address or a phone number, Thank you, Have a good day.




Just wanted to complement you on the job you did with the chopper assembly video set I just recently purchased and have watched 3 times.  Every time I watch it I learn something new.   I'm about to order the HR3 Hardcore II kit from Custom Chrome and I believe these videos will have been a great help.  This will be my first time building a motorcycle so the more info I take in the better chance I have of not messing anything up.
Thanks again.

Chuck – Houston, Texas


I learned more just watching these videos than years of "asking

questions" and reading tech manuals. When I ordered the videos, I really thought I was probably just throwing my money away.....WRONG!  The product delivers EXACTLY what is promised!

Dr. Jack C. - Milwaukee, WI


I know I pestered you in the past to help out with more questions, but here is a photo of my bike. It's all done and it would have been extremely difficult without your video series.

Michael - Oconomowoc, WI


I wouldn't lend these videos even to my best buddy - he would have to buy his own set, a rite of passage if you will. I believe if a potential buyer KNEW WHAT HE WAS GETTING BEFORE HAND, he would pay $500 for the set. Maybe you and your state should be called the SHOW ME STATE!

David - St. Louis, MO


Thanks again for making these videos. Here's a couple pics of my bike built from scratch...120 days later. It started with a salvaged 1967 frame and 1981 FX front end. It was cool to be able to pop in a CD whenever I got stuck and couldn't remember something. Hopefully I can make it to the Smoke Out next year.

Jeff - Hawaii


Just a quick comment on the videos. They were exceptionally done and I learned soooo much. Being a novice bike builder they gave me a lot more insight as to how things should be done professionally. The technical aspect was very eye opening. I was trying to figure some things out on my own without the videos, but after viewing them, you made things much simpler and more understandable. Great job.

Chet - Wyandotte Custom Choppers


I am very impressed with the videos that I purchased from you. If I would have had these videos when I built my first bike, I would have saved money, headaches and frustration. I am now in the process of working on my second project which is a rigid frame chopper and with the help of these videos, I know that it will be a lot easier. I just wanted to send you this message to let you know what a good job you did with the videos and the explanations.

Pete - San Antonio, Texas


I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know your videos on bike building are awesome. I don't really see a thing you didn't cover in detail at some point in the videos. I believe even my wife could build a bike with these DVD's and a little help from me. I really believe these 6 instructional videos will save the average rider wanting to build his/her own bike thousands of dollars. More than enough to buy that "in crate" 80 inch Evo I have been eyeing!

Tim - Decatur, AL


Just wanted to drop you a line. I got the DVD's last friday and have to say WOW - there is so much more on these DVD's than the Tool Box DVD's.

Greggo - Clemmons, NC


I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the videos. The Smoke Out video is very cool and the instructional videos were worth their weight in gold! I ordered the extra BDL belt drive video also and it was worth the money I paid for all of them in itself.

I have ordered other instructional videos from other sources, but ended up returning them for major lack of information of one sort or another. Your videos are definitely the cream of the crop. I've already saved the price of the videos in costly mistakes that I would have made without viewing yiour videos first - and that is the truth. Again, thanks for making these videos for us novices and first-timers so that we too can make our chops as "sick" as the pros without all the costly mistakes.

Robert - Weed, CA


Just finished watching the 4'th video and I have not seen anything that I could not handle in my own shop. I must say, these tapes are great! They built my confidence and convinced me that I can build my own chop. I already learned enough to save the $87 on primary and clutch work on my FXST. Keep up the good work. I love this stuff. Thanks.

Norm - Montgomery, PA


The chopper assembly videos are great. It's getting cold here in New York State, and my garage is unheated, but in the spring I will be ready. I have the frame, Chopper Guys rigid.



Your videos are the best. Your attention to detail as well as your straight-forwad approach has made all the difference for me in my build. Unless someone has major experience breaking down and re-building bikes, your videos will help anyone who needs guidance assembling their bikes.

Todd - Fairfax Station, VA


Just finished watching your videos. Man they are friggin great.

Your style of teaching is very cool. I picked up so many tips. I will be sure to recommend it to any and all of my customers. If ok, will put your link on our website. Thanks

Nick - Connecticut Custom


The videos were an early christmas present to myself. Already watched them twice. Talk about a "hope builder".  These videos have really made the dream come alive because of the detail and easy to understand step by step method in which you illistrate every part and procedure.

One of the many aspects of your teaching that is incredibly valuable is the order in which the build is carried out and how you proactively explain certain things in advance that are coming down the road in the bike build, so that numerous problems are avoided - making the build a smooth and enjoyable one.

As a contractor, I completely understand and appreciate this.

It is an obvious indication of your experience and the pride you take in your work and in your craft.

 Guy - Trevor, WI


Just sat through watching all of the chopper assembly videos. My chopper projecct is still a ways off from starting, but your videos helped me understand a lot of different things that go into not only building your own bike but also maintaining it. Not sure what I could recommend be added to this series. It covered everything.

Thanks for the attention to detail and for explaining it "Barney style" so that even us newbies can have the confidence in building and maintaining our own bikes. Thanks again and ride safe.

Bob - Camp Pendleton, CA


I watched your tapes this week on the chopper build. I must say I went into these videos with zero bike building experience. After watching these videos, I think I will definitely attempt my first bike build.  I'm sure I will run into some issues, and probably have to go to a local bike shop for some help, but I think I will be able to do most of the job myself and save lots of cash, and experience something I could only wish about. I'll let you know how it turns out.

George - New York


Just received your chopper assembly videos. Didn't have to go much further than the first disc to realize that this is exactly what I needed. Like most other wrenches building or planning to build a bike, I have most of the knowledge to put the bike together, but still have dozens of questions. In the first disc alone you answered about 5 questions that I was "afraid to ask" for fear of sounding like a rookie. I was a little nervous about doing certain things on my project, but now I feel confident I am on the right track. Thanks again, great work! I highly recommend your videos to any one wanting to start a chopper project!

Rolly - BC, Canada


Saw your ad in Iron Horse magazine, ordered the DVD's and just finished reviewing them all. Great! Just what I wanted. Especially the wiring. There is so much information in those DVD's that I will have to review them again.

David - Vancouver, Canada


Thanks for sending the videos so quickly. I've gone through them once already and I believe this will be the best $136 I'll spend on building my new bike.

Bart - Ballwin, MO


See attached pic - just thought I'd show you what I completed thanks to your videos.

Larry - Springfield, IL


Thanks for the great how to build a chopper video collection and all your information from our phone conversations. If it wasn't for you, I could not have built my bike. Here are some pics for you. Notice the internal throttle and internal twist clutch. I even ran the front brake line through the handlebars just to keep them neat.

Steve - Hawaii


Thought you might like to see a couple of pics of the bike I finished recently. She runs great! Now I can't wait for some warm weather to wring her out. This was my first build/assembly project. Chuck, without your videos, it would have never happened! Thanks!

John - Lincoln, NE


T he videos are fantastic.  They are a really big help for me.   I am new to Harley's.  If it were a model A Ford or a 1960 Studebaker I would not have many questions but your videos have cleared a bunch of my questions and frankly are better than shop manuals.

Greg – Long Beach, Washington





Review of our “Chopper Assembly Videos” at
Reviewed By: “Gypsy”

I have been beating and welding metal into motor vehicles for over 30 years. Beyond the typical shop manuals, there was nothing but the school of hard knocks to learn the skills I use today. (Lots of learning fixing the stuff I messed up!) Getting the chance to watch someone that knows what they are doing in order to gain skill can be real hard to find.

Now, I get a lot of people hanging around, calling, sending Email hoping to snag some of the knowledge I have collected over the years. I like sharing my knowledge, but it makes getting work done pretty hard at times. It makes life real easy when I can point someone to good knowledge rather then spend the time to hand it out myself. So, I checked out this video collection for the next “biker” hanging around the shop.

The Chopper Assembly Videos by Motorcycle Mechanic Videos, Inc. has the right stuff to teach a beginner where to start. Even if you already have some wrenching skill, these videos will help fill in the blanks on things you may not know. If you have never handled a wrench before, there is a good chance you could get a bike bolted together with the help of this video set. This set of videos is not about fabrication but covers everything else needed to get a bike up and running from parts. The videos are based on building a custom bike and the typical bike-in-a-box so everything is pretty basic.

Our follicly challenged host Chuck Sheridan steps you through every phase of building a bike from an empty softail frame to engine startup. Chuck does a credible job assembling the bike out of position so the camera has a full on view all the time. Along with the extreme detail are some extra points to advise and some choppers in action video to help pull back your senses after the somewhat tedious assembly process.

Maybe one of the best parts of the video explains the tools needed to build a V-twin bike. Not a “dream tool set” but the essentials needed to build a V-Twin bike. There is even a special socket explained for the transmission pulley so you can save a bundle and make your own. Each tool is shown in action. There are even a few tricks of the trade tossed in for those impossible to get at fasteners...things I had to figure out for myself years ago.

The explanation of the wiring system and actual assembly will make the first wiring job much easier. Actually, the advice provided just to avoid trouble (like a stripped thread from using the wrong screw) will save you the cost of the video alone. Best part is that you can go back and review steps until they sink in...try to get the local wrench to “do it again”.

Now you have no excuses for pestering the local shop (and maybe picking up some bad habits). Get this video set and learn how to build a bike.

(This Review Was by Gypsy at





Thanks for putting together a great product. I'm about to start my build, and your DVD's have been VERY helpul in explaining things. This is my first build, a Big Bear Choppers Venom ProStreet, and by watching your instructions, I feel I can handle this project with minimal frustration. Thanks again.

Lawrence - Los Angeles



Your videos are everything they were advertised to be. Good work.

Chip - Alaska

Just ordered your belt drive video.
 Have been working on this AIH Classic Chopper with the help of your chopper assembly videos. 110 Revteck with a 200 rear.
I have never built a motorcycle but I am confident with your instruction. I am very mechanically minded this is a lot of fun, can't wait to ride this one.

Cooney - (See Cooney's Bike Pic at right above)




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Gennaro builds the Merc chopper kit with our videos. The following are pics from various stages of his building project.

Two Pics of a softail that Mark built with our videos.
One pic during the building of Eric’s rigid chopper project.
Randy's Kit Project from boxes to finished bike with our videos.
An old school chop built with the aid of our videos in Hawaii!
Mikes BIke
Jewisburg Brother's Bike
Steve's Chopper
Steves Chopper
Canadian Retro - Hard to Do First Time!
Flyer Bike
Steve's "Shop"
Danny's Bike
John's Chop With Vintage Shovel Motor

"Cooney's Chopper"

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