This is the ONLY place to get extremely DETAILED Instructional Videos on
How To Build a Custom Harley Motorcycle Bike In A Box Kit!


How To Build A Chopper And Engine Building

Take the 3 day Chopper Building Seminar at Redline Chopper School and get the hands-on

advanced problem solving skills you need on how to build a chopper.

An Engine Building Seminar is also offered as well as TIG welding so you learn how to do the welding required to attach bungs, brackets and fender supports.

AGAIN, CHECK OUT THE 3 Day Engine Building seminar at Redline Chopper School!
This is the Harley Engine Building Seminar you have been waiting for!

( Do search in Google for this website in Holland.

Type in "kabalfoon choppers" to get the link. )
The Horse Backstreet Choppers magazine website.

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