This is the ONLY place to get extremely DETAILED Instructional Videos on
How To Build a Custom Harley Motorcycle Bike In A Box Kit!


Learn how to build a custom chopper with our 6 instructional videos and see previews of what's on the videos in photo galleries 1 & 2 !

Photo Gallery 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

  • Gallery 1,2 - Photos From Our Chopper Assembly Videos
  • Gallery 3 -     Smoke Out" Chopper Photos, Salisbury, NC
  • Gallery 4 -    V-Twin Expo Choppers
  • Gallery 5 -    Columbus National Bike Show Choppers
  • Gallery 6 -    Columbus National Bike Show Choppers
  • Gallery 7 -    Columbus National Bike Show Choppers 

OK Guys, here are more digital photos we took during the shooting of our detailed instructional videos on how to build a custom chopper. Again, these photos give you an idea of the detail we cover on our videos. We take you step by step, part by part, until the bike project is finished and the bike is fired up.

We deliver what we promise you. We give you NO EMPTY PROMISES and NO BULL....

Right Fwd Controls

Left Fwd Controls

Caliper Assembly

Brake Shimming

Rear Line Fabrication

Rear Caliper

Brake Bleeding

Intake Manifold

Throttle Cables

Throttle Cables 2

Carb Set Up

Breather Bolts

Carb Install

Carb Adjustment

Breather Hose

Coil Install

Single Fire Coil

Ignition Wires

Chop Wiring Box

Chopper Wiring

Wiring At Solenoid

Every Wire!

Drag Wires

Kit Fender Wiring

Fat Bob Wiring


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