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Learn how to build a custom chopper with our 6 assembly videos, and we give you the Smoke Out video free!

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Here are a few pics from last year's Smoke Out in North Carolina!

See the non-stop live footage of this outrageous chopperfest on our FREE VIDEO we send you when you buy a set of our 6 how to build a custom chopper instructional videos!

We have exclusive interviews with Billy Lane, Indian Larry, the C&C Thunder chopper shop, and Goth Girl.

See the C&C Thunder radical chopper that was built and featured at the Smoke Out and in The Horse Backstreet Choppers magazine! One pic of it is on this page!

You talk about down and dirty in-your-face choppers! They are here with a vengance!


Billy & Chuckie

Billy Lane Bike

Billy's Bike From Billy Lane's Shop

Black Misc Chop

C&C Thunder Bikes

C&C Thunder Red Bike

C&C Thunder Tank

Youngs Chopper

Departure Chop

Ebay Chopper Girl

X-Speed Guy?

Goth Girl & Walt

Indiana Dudes

Long Bike

Misc Purple

Killer Frames

Misc Chop




KY Rad

Makes Sense

Seen Hard Use

Seriously Wild

Nice Old Pan

Taz From C&C Thunder

Two Gals

Walt & Friends

What A Tattoo!




Hammer's chopper. One of the most radical old school chops at the Smoke Out that year.
Rather outrageous,
a bit disturbing!

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