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Installing ignition at Redline Chopper School chopper building workshop.
How to build a chopper, it's all hands-on in the workshops.

Installing left case half.  Baxter for Idaho, Phil flew in from New Zealand - about
12,000 miles round trip, and Ben from Toronto, Canada. This class pretty much
covered the globe!


Installing engine case bolts.  It's easier to install the bolts with more than one
person, although it is easily doable if it's just you alone.
Torquing the crankpin nut on the flywheels. This was in my old shop...long ago!

Tom tightens clutch bolts. Wildest dude I know.  Video producer and a big



Amazing... some of the bikes the guys ride to the workshops. This old ironhead
was really tricked out nice. You can pick up an old ironhead real cheap these

days and chop it into something pretty trick. 

Some of the engraving on this iron head sportster.  It was pretty trick.

Mike installing a fork leg. He runs a shop called Custom Cruisers in

Manchester England. He flew across the pond to do some workshops.


More crankpin torquing.  At 180 to 210 foot pounds, everybody has to hold

the bench so it stays still. I guess this is the moment before the bench starts

to move!


This is the only student who has come from France. He wanted a pic to take

home and we kept making him change position to get "just the right shot". The

engine is not all that heavy, but, you don't want to stand there all day with it



Weighing the crank pin end of the connecting rod while static balancing the

lower end parts of the flywheel. 


Dons bike. He came through the workshops and built this bike by himself. It

took him a while, but he did a nice job for sure.

Left side pic of Don's bike. The extra fuel canister is trick.

When the economy collapsed in 2007, Brian's (in white) dad's company went under in California.  Quite a shocker. Brian took the knowledge he learned in

the workshops and started his own mobile motorcycle mechanics business.

He has since overhauled 5 twin cams, 6 Evos and built 4 bobbers...and that is

old news.  He just added confidence.  His specialty was bike painting, so that

helped on the custom side of things. 


Left to right: Shane - Chicago, Andrew - Hawaii (Shanes brother), Tyler - Indiana, and David came in from Afganistan for the workshops.


Shane (left) blew in from London. He is a pilot and a Mauri indian from New
Zealand. He had all the traditional tatoos done according to tradition - head to

toe. Impressive designs. James (NC). Andrew (Minn).












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